He wasn’t sure if she had actually remembered him or if she really had, in fact trying to make out anything was proving to be impossible at the moment. Of course he could see physically what her expression was, but he wasn’t actually capable of deciphering whether or not she was actually happy to see him. Either way, a charming smile was placed delicately on his mouth, almost always it seemed. “I’m not actually a model, I’m glad you’ve mistaken me as one though. That’s a pretty good compliment I think?” He shakes her hand carefully, releasing it slowly so that their palms brush against eachother. “However, I will be modeling tonight. I’m not particularly sure why I agreed to this, but here I am.”

Well, he definitely looked like a model, no doubt about that. She began to wonder if he always looked like this, or maybe it’s just because she had never seen him shirtless. Either way, good for him. “Oh, I heard about you. People were talking about the boy who isn’t a model, but is still going to blow everyone away,” she told him, remembering her coworkers gossiping about anything and everything. “I’m assuming that is you.” She gave him a smile, then shrugged her shoulders rather cutely. “Well, if you need anything, just let me know. Just don’t let the others know I’m giving you special treatment.” And it was true. She probably would give him special treatment while other models asked her questions she would answer half assed. Was it so bad she would rather get to know Ryland?


As the role call continues, his eyes linger on her face for a moment. He certainly didn’t remember her being so beautiful, stunning actually. But he wasn’t sure if it was because he’d only snuck a couple of glances as they passed eachother in the hallway years ago. Ryland allows his focus to break away from her, fixing his eyes back on the ground.

He almost hadn’t even realized that anyone was standing in front of him until he heard her voice- his attention is immediately brought back up to her and he smiles, standing up slowly. “I do remember you, somewhat.” He offers his hand gently, “My name is actually Ryland. It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

Good, he seemed to remember her. Or maybe he didn’t. Either way, pretending to not know his name worked to her advantage like it always did. She chuckled rather bashfully and hit her forehead as if she was flustered. “I’m sorry, I just read off so many names..” she explained, then took his hand and shook it. “Ryland, of course. How could I forget?” Well, she didn’t. Erin had an impeccable memory, and names were something she generally remembered. Exactly why the men she normally hooked up with were nameless to her- she didn’t particularly want to remember those names. “So, you’re a model now, huh?”


It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable in this room full of models that were probably much more experienced than he was, but he wasn’t comfortable either. It was odd to be surrounded by such people, it wasn’t his normal crowd. He wasn’t even a model, he’d never even seen an actual runway in person before. But his manager seemed to think it would be good for him and the media- and he wasn’t actually sure how it would play out, but hopefully everything would go well. ‘The worst that can happen is you fall off the stage’, or ‘Just don’t get too excited up there, the whole room is staring at your junk' he would explain casually, as if he wasn't already aware.

Ryland wasn’t exactly the shy and nervous type, though, he was fully aware that all eyes would be on him while he was on the runway and it didn’t bother him a bit. That’s probably half the reason why he was pushed so far to go through with it.

He sits in the chair, elbows on his knees with his hands intertwined together. As he hears his name called out suddenly, he looks up and his eyes meet with Erin’s. A bright smile comes across his face in remembrance, though he actually didn’t know her very well. “I’m here,” he says abruptly after the whole room falls silent.

It was safe to say that puberty was well to that boy as Erin’s eyes gave him a once over. Definitely changed. Not that he used to be ugly or anything, he just wasn’t this… well, this. Erin wasn’t used to running into people she used to know, even if she barely knew the boy, it was all still an odd occurrence. It through her off for a moment, but she decided to continue calling out names, checking the list off as she went along. A part of her contemplated what she should do. There was one side of her that wanted to pretend like she didn’t recognize him, but all the while, it was nice to see a familiar face. Especially on a stressful day like this. After she was done tending to all the models, she walked over to him, a smile on her pink lips. “Hey.. Jared, right? We went to school together… I’m Erin, you probably don’t remember me.” 

Runway || Erin & Ryland

“No! That doesn’t go there, move it, move it, move it,” Erin told the intern in a hushed tone, hoping her boss didn’t see how dreadfully behind they all were.

Erin had finally gotten herself out of doing intern work and moved onto a solid position at her job in Mode Magazine. Her first major task was to help put together and maintain a high end fashion show, with some of the richest and brightest faces around. She was beginning to realize why all of her colleagues could be such bitches sometimes- this job could truly make you one. Erin attempted to remain calm, pulling off her fake cool demeanor like she always did when things got stressful. No one could tell how much stress she was under, especially not by the way she looked. She was gorgeous, decked out in a killer dress with pumps to match and her hair and makeup all done up. Dressed to impress, as she always said. Though she never truly felt the need to impress anyone.

Just as she got a moment to herself, her boss came running over, shoving a clipboard towards her. “Go round up the models and make sure they’re all here.” Sighing inwardly, she put on a smile and nodded towards the woman as if she was eager to do it. Erin wandered over to where the models were stationed, all by a table with food that none of them would eat. Calling out names, she would either see them or hear them announce they were present. Just as she was about to call out the next name, she stopped before anything left her lips. Ryland Brooks. That name was awfully familiar.

“Ryland Brooks?” she called out then saw a head perk up. Oh, shit. It was someone from her high school.

Title: After Midnight

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